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Théâtre du Bic

50, route du Golf

The 196-seat Théâtre du Bic was opened in the spring of 1989. For over 20 years, the theatre has provided a high quality annual program focusing on creative theatre and contemporary dance. The house and stage of the Théâtre du Bic are built on a human scale, creating an exceptionally intimate space that encourages interaction between the audience and the performers.

Théatre du Bic

The Théâtre du Bic is the result of an initiative from the Théâtre les gens d'en bas community theatre, in collaboration with the former municipality of Bic, to provide a home for the development and performance of its plays, particularly during the summer season.

Information and box office: 418-736-4141


Technical Characteristics of the Théâtre du Bic



Total capacity: 196 seats
Depth: 15.2 metres (50')
Width: 12.8 metres (42')


  • Depth: 
    • 8.7 metres (28' 6"), standard stage with extension, without stage drapes
    •  7.8 metres (25' 6") with backdrop
  • Width: 
    • 12.8 metres (41' 11") without stage drapes
    •  9.1 metres (30') with proscenium arch and drop curtains
  • Height: 
    • 6.7 metres (21' 11") at centre stage
    • 5.6 metres (18' 6") at 3.2 metres (10' 6 ¼") from centre
    • 1.6 metres (5' 6") at 6.4 metres (20' 11 ½") from centre

The house and stage configurations can be changed using risers to create non-standard layouts. Part of the front apron is built of modular risers (26' x 9' 9"), and there is also a stage extension (6' 6" deep x 37' wide).Intérieur de la Salle - Théâtre du Bic


  • Lighting: backstage left; 400 Amp, 347/600 V, 3 phases
  • Sound: backstage right; 60 Amp, 120 V


  • Location: backstage, adjacent to loading dock
  • Access: enter via Route du Golf
  • Doors: 8' high x 8' wide double doors


The barn housing the theatre was originally located at the campground of the Parc National du Bic. The ground floor provided space for community and camping services and the second floor was already being used as a performance space by the Théâtre les gens d'en bas. In the fall of 1988, the barn was moved to vacant land at the entrance to the village and renovated to become the town's first cultural and tourist facility. The site was completed landscaped to create a welcoming ambiance suited to the theatre and its magnificent surroundings.

The building's intimate setting, the interaction of the house and stage, the exceptional acoustics, and the convertible stage and house combine to make the “barn” an ideal performance space. The Théâtre du Bic is conveniently positioned as part of the international circuit of creative theatre.