With its numerous quality educational institutions, Rimouski’s reputation as a student town has been well-established for years. The proof: every year, thousands of people from the four corners of Quebec and the world choose our city to pursue their studies.

On the streets of Rimouski, you are as likely to meet artists as scientists, foresters as authors. They're all here to benefit from the lively, stimulating and welcoming community, conducive not only to a rich intellectual life, but also a rewarding social life and great recreational activities.

From Preschool to PhD…

As a student town, Rimouski is composed of a vast network of institutions and partnerships. In addition to the primary and secondary schools that provide quality basic education, Rimouski is host to an adult education centre, the Cégep de Rimouski (college), the Université du Québec à Rimouski, the Institut maritime du Québec (Quebec maritime institute), Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski (conservatory of music), a national institute for marine science research, the Maurice Lamontagne Institute (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), a research centre for maritime resources, a training and research centre for maritime and intermodal transport, the Centre québécois de logistique appliquée (Quebec centre for applied logistics), and the professional divers’ training centre at the Institut maritime du Quebec. Each of these specialized educational institutions contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the full spectrum of human pursuits.

But beyond the quality of its centres of higher learning, and its commitment to the scientific endeavour, Rimouski offers students an excellent quality of life in an urban community that can boast of a complete range of services — all on a human scale. A student welcome committee, which is composed of representatives from the various educational institutions and socio-economic organizations, works throughout the year to demonstrate the community's concern for its students and their well-being.

The committee highlights the back-to-school period with a program of activities centred on welcoming new students and helping them get acquainted with the city. In February, the Semaine de l'étudiant (student week) is held, a forum allowing everyone to recognize and celebrate the contribution of students to the vitality and development of the Rimouski community.

Rimouski — Quebec’s Marine Technocity

Rimouski is proud of its status as the Marine Technocity and is committed to preserving and developing the Saint Lawrence and its invaluable resources. The Technocity combines the strengths and assets of the Institut des sciences de la mer (ISMER, marine sciences institute), which employs over 100 oceanographic specialists and researchers; the Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ, Quebec maritime institute), recognized for the quality of its graduates in naval architecture, navigation, professional diving and marine engineering; and the nearby Maurice Lamontagne Institute, one of the largest marine sciences research centres in Canada.

So, why choose Rimouski? 

A textbook is still a textbook, no matter where you read it, right? But once in a while even students have to get their heads out of the books and see what’s happening outside. With its spectacular landscape and wide-open spaces, Rimouski is a dream location for outdoor sports and recreation — all just a few steps from downtown. With its doors wide open to the world, Rimouski's cultural scene offers great opportunities for intellectual exchange, exploration of a multitude of fields, and contact with people who are passionate about any number of fascinating subjects..

In fact, the question should really be:
Why go anywhere else than Rimouski?

Because, beyond the rich and extensive intellectual community that will welcome you here, in Rimouski you can take advantage of numerous services and facilities that will make your life easier and more enjoyable, both in terms of transportation and recreation and in your studies…

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