Marine Sciences Institute

L'ISMERTraining by experience

Bringing together specialists with expertise in the principal fields of coastal oceanography, the Institut des sciences de la mer (ISMER, marine sciences institute) plays an important role as a catalyst for maritime science research. In a natural setting conducive to the development of their discipline, the ISMER researchers train Masters and Doctoral students in oceanography, with the benefit of numerous state-of-the-art laboratories and a full-time research laboratory ship, the Coriolis II.

Focusing on our most precious resource with multidisciplinary expertise, great facilities, a wide variety of research laboratories and high-tech equipment, ISMER offers also offers a stimulating research environment for visiting scientists and postdoctoral fellows, filled with opportunities for advanced training and discovery.

For all students interested in pursuing advanced studies in oceanography, ISMER offers the ideal setting — with its aquaculture facility, its teaching ship and the constant backdrop of the Saint Lawrence…

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