School District

La polyvalente Paul-HubertThe Commission scolaire des Phares (school district) plays an essential role in providing basic education to the residents of the Rimouski-Neigette and La Mitis regional county municipalities (RCMs). It offers services to children and adults in the following areas: preschool, primary education, general secondary education, vocational training and adult education.

In implementing its mission, the Commission scolaire des Phares promotes access to knowledge and culture, contributes to the scientific, cultural, spiritual and profession development of the population it serves and ensures the advancement of education in general.

The Conseil de commissaires, or school council, is composed of nineteen elected members and two parent representatives. It is responsible for ensuring that each child attending school in the district receives a healthy, quality education.

In response to the needs and expectations of its diverse clientele, the Commission scolaire des Phares offers enrichment programs, special and complementary services, such as special education, remedial education, educational counseling and vocational guidance, as well as services to students with disabilities, adjustment difficulties or learning difficulties.

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