Vue générale de la villeThe City of Rimouski offers a very favourable investment climate. Thanks to the quality of its industrial infrastructure, the city has everything needed to implement projects of any scale and offers investors numerous exceptional advantages.

In addition to its two industrial parks, the city boasts a port and an airport whose proximity and locations allows their complementary functions to serve the community admirably, all while demonstrating the utmost respect for residential and commercial areas.

Rimouski has a direct railway link to the North American rail network, and the region is traversed by a national highway leading to the Trans-Canada Highway. The city’s industries thus enjoy access to the markets of the world through a high-quality transportation network.

Many companies located in Rimouski have developed a very high level of expertise, notably in the fields of oceanography, industrial mechanics, hydraulic systems and electronics. An abundant and skilled work force and a wide range of support services and subcontracting possibilities are all good reasons for any investor who hopes to see their company prosper to consider Rimouski. New technologies derived from telecommunications and oceanographic research demonstrate the creativity of our companies, whose high-tech applications have allowed some to successfully penetrate international markets.

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