Industrial and Technology Parks

Rimouski's three industrial parks supply all the infrastructure and space required for many types of industries locating here.

Technology Park
(Deuxième Rue Est)

Rimouski’s technology park is located on Deuxième Rue Est and spreads over 41,800 m2 (4.2 hectares, 10.33 acres). Established in 2003, the Marine Biotechnology Research Centre (MBRC) is an integral part of Rimouski’s economic development strategy. It serves as a nerve centre for economic development related to the many new business in the marine and maritime sectors who establish their companies in Rimouski to take advantage of the know-how and facilities, as well as the proximity of the marine biomass. The technology park currently employs more than 45 people.

Industrial and Technology Park
(Rimouski-Est District)

Created during the 1970s, the industrial and technology park located in the Rimouski-Est district, near the airport, has grown non-stop and today is home to over 100 companies that provide employment for more than 1000 people.

Its 175 hectares (432 acres, 18 million square feet) are occupied by companies in such varied fields as steel fabrication, wood processing, concrete products, transportation, tires, hydraulics, machining and recycling, as well as numerous distributors and wholesalers and a few warehouses.

To the west of the industrial park, a commercial district employs about 800 people in some forty businesses, including companies specializing in telephone services and fibre optics, transportation and construction, computer science and geomatics (mathematical and computerized geography). This area is also home to the Centre de la nouvelle économie du Bas-Saint-Laurent (CNE, the regional development centre for the "new economy").

Industrial Park
(Pointe-au-Père District)

Established in the 1990s, the Pointe-au-Père industrial park covers 115 hectares (284 acres, 12 million square feet) and is home to auto body repair, painting and printing companies that employ some 300 people.

Property Tax Credit Programs

  • For the construction or expansion of manufacturing industries
  • For the establishment of high technology companies related to the marine or maritime sectors

The purpose of the programs

Using general property tax credits, to promote the construction of new manufacturing industries and expansion of existing manufacturing facilities in Rimouski's three industrial parks.

Using general property tax credits, to promote the establishment, within these same industrial parks, of high technology companies related to the marine or maritime sectors.

Amount of the general property tax credits

These programs aim to provide general property tax credits to compensate for the increases in general property taxes due to an increase in property value after the construction of a new building or expansion of an existing one. The amounts of the general property tax credits and the periods for which the credits apply are as follows :


1st year*

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Credit amount

100 %

100 %


80 %

60 %

(*) Remainder of the calendar year after the completion of construction or expansion of the building.

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