One-stop Permitting for Industrial Projects

The City of Rimouski makes it easier to obtain permits for industrial projects by offering developers personalized guidance.

To do so, the city has established a “one-stop” approach, the first and last stop for all industrial project developers.

Developers can make their permit requests directly to the chief building inspector, who will then assign an inspector. That inspector will be responsible for guiding the developer throughout the process, until the permit is obtained. The inspector is responsible for ensuring the efficient and rapid processing of the dossier, calling on other municipal services as needed.

From the very first meeting with the building inspector, the developer will be informed of the requirements that apply to his project and the documents that will be needed before a construction permit can be issued. When needed, the building inspector will even set up direct contact with professionals authorized to prepare drawings and specifications.

This approach helps reduce delays in the issuance of construction permits for industrial projects. It also allows developers of such projects to devote their energies to financing the project, planning the work and managing the construction site.

Permis et inspection (permits and inspection office)
189  avenue de la Cathédrale, CP 710, Rimouski QC  G5L 7C7
Telephone: 418 724-3133
Fax: 418 724-3223

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