Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historical Site

“During your visit, you can smell, hear, touch, read and, above all, see the entire history of our region.”


Unique in Canada!

Come aboard the ONONDAGA submarine, which was in operation from 1967 to 2000. It helped patrol our coasts and participated in many NATO missions. When you board the ship, you will discover daily life as it was experienced by the 60-some men who lived within the confines of the 90-metre submarine for months at a time. You can also explore its complicated machinery and the technology used in undersea detection systems. The audio tour will plunge you into this fascinating and little-known world.

In addition, by visiting the Empress of Ireland Pavilion, you will learn all about the terrible tragedy that took the lives of 1012 people in 1914:

“One of the worst maritime disasters in the history of the world, one that — in terms of sheer horror — exceeds the sinking of the Titanic, occurred on the Saint Lawrence River. The Empress of Ireland, bound for Liverpool, was struck by the Norwegian coal freighter the Storstad and sank within ten minutes, taking with it into the abyss a thousand human lives.”  Thus read the lead in the newspaper, Progrès du Golfe de Rimouski, on May 29, 1914.

Almost a century later, the Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père is still trying to reconstruct the events of the night of May 28, 1914. In the Empress of Ireland pavilion, visitors can see items recovered from the shipwreck, which remains submerged off the coast from Sainte-Luce, and watch a moving 3D film about the tragic accident, S.O.S. Empress of Ireland.

The historical site also invites visitors to climb one of the tallest lighthouse towers in Canada, from which they can admire the view and learn how the ingenious signal devices operate. In addition, you can visit the lighthouse keeper’s house and foghorn to experience a bit of the maritime heritage that has so deeply influenced this region.

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