Promenade de la mer et brise-lames

Vue de la promenade de la merAlong the shore of the Saint Lawrence Estuary in the heart of Rimouski, the 4.3 km seaside walkway called the Promenade de la mer forms the perfect joining of town and sea. Since its inauguration in 2003, the Promenade has given the Saint Lawrence — and its fresh salt air — back to the people of Rimouski.

The bicycle path alongside the Promenade and the 12 pedestrian crosswalks adjoining the boulevard allow pedestrians, cyclists, inline skaters and joggers to get back in touch with the Saint Lawrence, safely and in a friendly, sociable atmosphere. Visitors and residents can take part in a wide variety of activities while enjoying the breathtaking land- and seascape in summer and winter alike, because the City clears the snow from the Promenade all winter long.

No matter the season, it’s the ideal place to enjoy spectacular sunsets from one of the two scenic outlooks built to resemble the white steamships of yesteryear. Depending on the time of the year, great blue herons, Canadian geese, snow geese and a variety of other waterfowl and seabirds can be seen. The Promenade is also a popular public social space, where residents and visitors meet and greet, friends and strangers alike.

Vue de la promenade de nuitHere and there along the length of the Promenade, interpretive panels highlight Rimouski’s maritime and seafaring history, along with its diverse wildlife. It’s great way to discover our local maritime way of life.

The Promenade has won many awards since its construction, including :

  • The Arts dans la ville award in 2003.
  • The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects’ Award of Excellence for Landscape Design in 2004.
  • First prize for traffic safety from the Association québécoise du transport et des routes in 2004.

Come enjoy a stroll or ride along the Promenade de la mer in Rimouski, where the quality of life is truly exceptional.

Tour de maréeTide Tower

The Tide Tower (Tour de marée) was designed for the City of Rimouski by Geslab Industries of Saint-Siméon-de-Bonaventure to enable the public to learn more about the tides. From June through September, this electronic tidal display sign shows the level of the tide in real time, as well whether the tide is rising (flood tide) or falling (ebb tide). It is the only such public tidal signboard in Canada.Tour de marée

Located on the “steamship” scenic overlook at the Avenue de la Cathédrale, the Tide Tower is 3 metres (10 feet) tall and 12 centimetres (5 inches) in diameter. The seven blue LED lights embedded in the tower represent the various water levels between low and high tide. They light up one by one as the tide comes in and turn off in reverse order as the tide ebbs.

Lighted arrows also indicate whether the tide is rising or falling. The tower is easy to understand and encourages tourists and residents alike to be more aware of tidal cycles and the effects of the tide. The tower is programmed according to the local tidal cycles.Écran de consultation pour les marées

Below the tower, under the stairs, there is a cathode ray screen showing the times of the next three high and low tides, as well as the times of the last high and low tides; it is updated in real time. Because it is the first of its kind, the microcomputer that controls the tower's software was custom designed. For Geslab Industries, the tower’s design and construction was a challenge successfully met!

Rimouski — living at the rhythm of the tides!